Darakbang’s deception – Introduction

Darakbang’s deception – introduction


There is a seemingly little information about Darakbang on English language website, especially when one question whether it is a cult / heresy. Darakbang themselves have flooded the net with their own literature – so if one searches the word “darakbang” – it is more likely that one will get information from one of their sites.

Apart from several articles, it is difficult to find information in English. You would probably have found the statement released by “HIs Name Baptist Church” entitled “A Statement Regarding the Penetration of A Korean Cult Group “Darak Bang” into Manhattan Area”. There are a few more, but little more.

However, if you can read Korean, this observation will change. You will find that they are published information about this group – the only snag is that one must know Korean. So when English website searches was not forthcoming, I switched strategy and looked for information in Korean. Needless to say – I had to resort to some “cut and paste” and “Google Translate”.

This strategy led me to 2 important website namely

While “Google Translate” was a great help, interpretation was critical and i decided to hire professional translators to get the translation done properly. These are the results of my search. These are not my work – I did not write these findings. i merely found these article and commissioned a professional to translate the said articles from Korean to English.

The 2 articles in http://hwalsain.egloos.com are testimonies from a former Darakbang member. The articles in  http://ikccah.org are articles from IKCCAH or in full the “International Korean Christian Coalition Against Heresy” and are thus more technical.

NEW: Korean Methodist Church declares Darakbang heretical  at their 31st General Conference 4/11/2014 – read it here

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