Exposing Heresies of Darakbang Cult – Testimony from a former Darakbang member (2)

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13 Oct 2010
Testimony from a former Darakbang member (2)
3. Teaching on Prayer
God said in Colossians 4:2 to “devote yourself to prayer, being watchful and thankful.”
Prayer is communicating with God. It is spiritual breathing.
And yet Darakbang teaches you to do simple prayers.
It tells you to align your prayer with God’s direction but make it simple.
This does not mean you should avoid repetition.
Darakbang missionaries are saying that “don’t ask for tuition, clothes, refrigerator or house but ask for money. Pray focusing on the biggest task of missionary work. Avoid lengthy and tedious prayer and focus on world evangelism. God will make it happen. God will open door for you if you follow His will. It gets so busy you won’t have time to eat three meals on time. Go practice evangelism if you have time for long prayer!”
It may look plausible but ultimately, Darakbang is asking you to end your prayer, disregard the Holy Spirit and concentrate on practicing evangelism in line with Darakbang evangelism program.
This does not mean to say “pray according to God’s will and He will answer.”
Darakbang neglects prayer crying out for God.
Darakbang tells you to “seek something bigger that is” evangelism. By doing so, everything else will follow.
It asks you to aim for the biggest goal of “evangelism” and to do short prayers, which alienates you from God and makes you become God’s child in name only.
God has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ (Ephesians 1:3) but we can’t go claim this blessing like creditor making claim to debtor.
We are not creditors.
Darakbang asks you to pray not for the blessing that God allowed but to demand what He promised.
God will not be pleased to see us praying without reading Gods words that are the spiritual diet and not praying that is the spiritual breathing, but ask as follows; I am teaching the Gospel as God wishes so God give me your blessing.
Additionally, Darakbang distorts the way we pray.
For example, a Darakbang pastor said,
“I thought about an angel protecting me. When I pray at night, I skip ‘in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen’ and go straight to bed. By doing so, an angel will assume that my prayer has not finished, hold a golden censer and stay at my bedside. Once I wake up in the morning, I close my prayer with ‘in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.’The angel will then ascend.”
Some may think this was a joke but regardless, it is wrong to distort prayer to God.
4. Mobilize Armies of Angels
This part clearly manifests that Darakbang is a heresy.
Darakbang asserts that it can mobilize angels and base its argument by citing Paul from the bible.
In Hebrews 1:14 it reads “Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who inherit salvation?”
Darakbang misinterprets this verse and claim that “we can call these angels to do the work.”
Darakbang says it can treat them like servants.
This is absolutely ridiculous.
Based on the fact that Abraham bowed before angels and knowing how Samson’s parents reacted in front of angels, one would come to realize that Darakbang’s argument is unreasonable.
Angels mobilized horses and chariots of fire to round about Elisha, and were sent to supply water and food. It is God who mobilizes angels to serve us not us mobilizing them.
We can only pray to God to mobilize angels on our behalf.
We can never command angels.
5. Slander Existing Churches
Darakbang argue that 98% of existing churches have gone wrong.
You only have to listen to their testimonies to know at once that they are false.
In Darakbang evangelism camp training, missionaries constantly present testimonies of their own or of others in recesses between messages.
And their testimonies are quite strange.
They talk about before and after getting to know Darakbang not before and after their salvation.
Generally, testimonies would say “Before accepting Jesus I was like such and such but after accepting Jesus I have changed to such and such.”
However, in Darakbang, those who testify say
“Before I knew Darakbang I lived such and such religious life but after Darakbang, I have changed to such and such. Only after accepting Darakbang did I realize the Gospel.”
And these people criticize their religious lives at existing churches before joining Darakbang.
Some would even mock at faith of their mothers (pastor)’ 40 days fasting prayers. They criticize that it is meaningless to pray without knowing the Gospel.
Faith is to confess. It is not something to brag about.
They belittle those who practice 40 days prayer as being ignorant and view crying out prayer as an act of exorcism by shaman.
It is true that we should not practice fasting prayer to brag about it but fasting prayer itself is our gesture to get closer to God. I believe it is a living sacrifice to God to please Him.
Darakbang tells you to avoid unnecessarily long prayer but to pray briefly. It asks you to seek after the big goal of evangelism.
This sounds reasonable………………..
Darakbang quotes “but seek first His kingdom and His righteousness” from Mathew6:33 to make their logic sound plausible. However, its argument overlooks the fact that prayer is an act of spiritual breathing.
Neglecting spiritual communication with God makes light of fellowship with God, and this discloses the thinking behind Darakbang.
This shows that Darakbang denies that God who worked on Abraham, Isaac and Jacob still lives and works on us.
The bible is not God’s will.
The word of God is alive and active (Hebrews 4:12).
Speaking out thoughtlessly to criticize existing churches Darakbang commits a serious crime of denying the Holy Spirit.
I heard (in Darakbang camp training) clearly.
“Existing churches cannot deliver Jesus’ message accurately. Church that assumes Jesus as Jeremiah supports philanthropic activities, as John the Baptist supports social activities, and as Elijah supports mystical activities. At Darakbang, we present Jesus as the Christ and the son of the living God as the correct Gospel message.”In addition, Darakbang missionaries praise Ryu saying that “Rev Cho Yong Gi’s Holy Spirit movement has come to an end. God gathered those who participated in the Holy Spirit movement and are still aware of the true Gospel to establish Darakbang. Now, pastor Ryu’s evangelism movement has begun.”
Existing churches are criticized to be full of evil and talk as if the Gospel stays only within Darakbang.
They profess that “Pastor Ryu is all about evangelism. He made this Gospel Messages to spread and teach. If you learn these messages with heart, you will become a professional evangelist like Ryu.”
I can understand why Paul got fury and said, “You say I am of Apollo, I am of John or I am of Paul, and these veiled Jesus Christ!!” He was angry and admonished himself because his name veiled the glory of Jesus Christ against his will.
6. Neglect / Extinguish the Holy Spirit
Darakbang carelessly say “the Holy Spirit movement has come to an end,” which testifies that Darakbang is a cult.
Such statement proves that Darakbang does not approve of the Holy Spirit.
This is Darakbang’s grave mistake.
Those at Darakbang frequently quote Acts 1:8 to explain their evangelism movement.
“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8)”
As stated above, God said that we will receive power once the Holy Spirit comes to us. However, Darakbang denies the Holy Spirit by saying that the Holy Spirit movement has ended. And yet it argues that evangelism movement will unfold, which is illogical.
They talk as if they follow guidance of the Holy Spirit but reveal their true intention that is different from the case.
This is a telltale sign of their heathenism.
They inject an idea that Darakbang messages give people the power that can be gained by doing well in their program.
“The Holy Spirit movement has ended! It is now the age of evangelism movement!” Does this make sense?
The Holy Spirit doesn’t come on us based on our knowledge (program).
Baptism with the Holy Spirit is a spiritual gift and blessing.
Darakbang not only neglects the Holy Spirit but also makes members develop misunderstanding about the Holy Spirit.
Acts 1:8 reads “you will be my witnesses.” Darakbang missionaries’ say that this means to believe in His will to “make us His witnesses.”
Their logic is that since we hold firm to God’s covenant, God will have to make us His witnesses.
Believers (students) call this logic ‘discovery of spiritual principle.’
Their logic is that God promised and thus must be. They sound as if they have strong belief but it is only their crafty act of turning glory not to God but to Ryu.
Because according to them, it is Ryu who found out that God will inevitably give.
They don’t publicly praise Ryu via printed materials but they praise him through pastors and missionaries.
God is not to be neglected.
Darakbang places its evangelism program before the power and works of the Holy Spirit (Spiritual gift and power of the Holy Spirit provided with the perfect Father’s absolute sovereignty), and place God’s power below theirs.
Such argument from Darakbang prompts believers to test God.
Like the devil who said to Jesus, “If you are the Son of God, jump down” and tempted Jesus to test God, Darakbang tempts its followers to commit serious crime of testing God and cites the word of God in Darakbang messages.
They tell college students to enter into professional fields to spread their teaching. “You are holding firm to the words and became a witness. God will unavoidably make you a person of influence in your field,” and distracts you from making effort to study.
Students are brainwashed to think that “Things will unfold according to God’s schedule. It is not subject to level of effort I put forth.”
To be more accurate, their logic is that any effort exerted without understanding Darakbang evangelism messages will be of no use.
They say we should learn ‘the secret of Jesus Christ’ before anything else.
And that secret of Jesus Christ is taught in Ryus messages only.
They insist that before we read His words and pray, understand His plan, discover the Dalrant He gave us and make the best effort to study, children of God should first find out the secret of Christ!
If the end result is bad, they brush it off by saying it is not time based on God’s timetable or that the subject person has yet to develop a sound understanding of the Gospel.
7. Believers who should work together for good and who love one another are dying spiritually
Darakbang tells its members to become evangelist agents. What is an agent?
Darakbang makes us forget that the head of every man (those who love God and neighbors and observe commandments of God) is Christ. It makes us believe that we are merely evangelist agents connected to one another through messages.
Rather than helping children of God become images of God, Darakbang brainwashes people to become spiritual processionals who resemble Ryu. This is a serious matter.
Darakbangs seeks Ryu’s evangelism methods more than the words of God.
It blocks the words of God and feeds you with its messages. It tells you that you can become an evangelist whom God will be happy with if you complete its program. However, without prayer and the word of God (without food and breath), you will become a famine orphan echoing the words of Ryu.
There are only few North Korean communists and the majority is its people.
Communists tell its people, “Let’s have all properties under joint ownership and realize a more reasonable and just joint community.” In reality, however, the people are dying out while the communist party leads an affluent life.
Communist party ultimately collapsed without bearing fruit.
There seems to be a striking similarity between the majority of people under the communist party and Darakbang members.
In North Korea, people go so far as to prey on one another.
Darakbang is the place where believers are brainwashed with Ryu’s messages, be criticized, judged, condemned and spiritually damaged.
Darakbang cult is obsessed with judging or condemning followers. They say, “You know or don’t know the Gospel, you should receive properly, or you are suffering from spiritual issues.”
Its missionaries believe that such criticism is part of training.
Members cannot love and have faith in each another. They criticize others to avoid being criticized and are obsessed with gaining the upper hand because they have to become spiritual professionals of Jesus Christ.
Senior pastors say that
“If you don’t view your spiritual problems from the perspective of Genesis 3, problems will not be addressed. Without Darakbang messages, spiritual problems cannot be resolved.”
Darakbang members will then pray for their ability to see their spiritual problems with an eye viewing problem of Genesis 3. They become thirsty for Darakbang messages and naturally develop admiration for Ryu who made these messages.
In Darakbang, your ideal goal is to become an evangelist agent.
Members fail to see that they are spiritually dying and become more immersed while lacking the ability to discern.
Darakbang members are fast to judge pastors based on Ryu’s messages (program).
Pastors are considered evangelists who studied the program before others.
And even though you’re young, if you understand the fact (the secret of the Christ) sooner, then you act proud, arrogant, and condemn and judge others.
Jesus Christ is the head of every one of us.
We have different Dalrant and God has different plans for each of us.
However, Darakbang is making robots or the same ‘professionals of Jesus Christ’out of the children of God, which is truly regretful.
8. Evangelism Program Bears No Fruit
From the outside, Darakbang seems to be doing well in terms of revival but this is just an illusion.
In camp trainings, there are actually classes to practice evangelism on field.
You meet many people who receive through propagation on that day.
It is important to note that there is no joy in those who are practicing evangelism.
All of them say they were not happy to meet those who received through propagation.
In testimonies after spreading Christianity, people don’t discuss being moved at the sight of a single soul receiving God. Rather, they say “I delivered Christianity to certain number of people,” or “as I taught messages they actually received God.” In short, testimonies are all about confirming and verifying the power of Darakbang evangelism program.
Darakbang members do not know the reason why they should evangelize. It is because to God, one soul is more important than the world. They do not have the blessing and they are not happy. They take it for granted that people will receive solely because they taught the evangelism messages. There is no true appreciation about salvation of souls.
As mentioned above, they do talk about the basic Gospel but the problem is that they use it to praise Ryu, to kill souls and misinterpret.
They tell pastors at new church,
“If a church grows fast, Darakbang will not sustain for long. Darakbang messages take root over time. Growth in short period of time will result in misunderstanding that church revived on its own, which will prevent Darakbang to go on for long.”
Wouldn’t you agree that this is nonsense?
I was surprised to find pastors replying amen at such comments.
This is like private institution lecturers telling students who failed to pass exams multiple times that if they pass too soon they won’t be coming to their institutions for long, and as a result, lack thorough understanding of what they learned.
Ryu Kwang Su’s Darakbang
– confuses members with its evangelism program (messages)
– prevent them from reading the words of God,
– prevent them from praying,
– kill them spiritually
– as stated in the Bible, “have a form of godliness but deny its power. Have nothing to do with such people (Timothy 3:5)” Darakbang disguises to be the most similar to Orthodox Christianity to seduce church goers.
Existing cults openly call their heads the messiah whereas Darakbang cleverly disguises itself and praises Ryu indirectly.
It is a threatening cult that camouflages itself as an entity in between cult and church covering itself in ‘Christ and the Gospel’. It is a fake church (form of godliness), mimics church of God to gather believers, kills souls and denies the power of godliness (the Holy Spirit, the words, prayer etc).
Heresies are rampant these days and we can easily find those leaving one cult to join another.
I believe this is due to ‘children of God not reading His words nor praying’.
They are fooled over and over again because they do not know the spiritual standard, the word that helps them recognize religious doctrine made by cults.
It is important to tell the real from the false but more importantly, we need to establish churches that live by the word of God and that properly.
There are too many forged checks.
It is important to recognize the false but in order to do so we need to be able to tell the real.
Ryu Kwang Su’s Darakbang made its way in capitalizing on this reality.


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